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    How ru doing wulffpaul. I am 34 year old male from India. yesterday i chanced to see your post about neckline. than i see your photos. after that i changed my neckline as suggested by you and i would say that it looks great now in the shape of inverted V. i would like to thank you for such a informative post and i would also request you to do a post on cheekline. by the way i have also joined your board. thanks and regards Rajvir Bains


    Reply from wulffpaul:

    Glad to have been of help, Rajvir.
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    Hi Ya Wulff, Your beard has always looked great............I am now trying to pattern my beard after yours as per your Aug 08 profile with a lower neckline....................I just recently did a trim to get my length in order..............Thanks for all your comments on the board...............

    Dean AKA " CharlieOneHorse"


    Reply from wulffpaul:

    Hi Dean! Thanks for your kind remarks. My beard is still much the same length and shape as it was in August and October, but I am trying to increase the length of the handlebar moustache. Are you aiming for a handlebar or will you maintain your current moustache shape?

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    I'd like to thank you for being the beard guru around these parts. If it wasn't for guys like you on here, I probably would've continued to stay clean shaven, and I'm sure there a lot of other guys on here that would say the same.

    I believe I read in a thread that you have quite an interest in genealogy. I was curious about picking your brain a bit on this because I don't know much about my own, other than my dad tells me his side of the family is Norwegian and German, and my mother tells me hers is English and German. I was curious if you knew of any literature or anything that would help further my knowledge on the subject.


    Reply from wulffpaul:

    Thanks for the kind remarks. I am always happy to help set waverers on the bearded path.

    Regarding genealogy, I have sent you a PM which I hope may perhaps help to start you off on your researches.
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    Amazing wave you have in your latest beard, must be hard to tame !!!image


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    The wave is a bit of a problem and deters me from growing the beard longer.
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    If I could give you on Kudo for every time you've helped me or others that I have personally witnessed, I'd be leaving at least 100 of them right now. Thank you for being who you are, for being such a good teacher and such a patient guide. Would that the world was filled with men of your caliber.


    Reply from wulffpaul:

    Aw shucks, Light Eagle, I don't deserve these compliments! You're making me feel all embarrassed. (Looks down at the ground and shuffles feet awkwardly).